teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 
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Teachers day : 100 teachers day thoughts in english

Teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts in English

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

On every 5th of every year, on the date of birth of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the Teacher’s Day is celebrated in his memory.
The status of the teacher has always been sacred in society.
Someone calls him a guru, a teacher says, some teacher says, so a teacher or teacher says.
All these words depict a person who gives knowledge to all, teachers and whose contribution is to create the future of any country or nation.
In a right way, a teacher builds the life of his student.
The teacher is the cornerstone of society.
A teacher plays the role of guide till the end of his life and continues to show the way to society; then the teacher is given high status in the community.
In the context of the teacher, let’s go – what is the name of Mahatma, Manishi, thinker, and theology?

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts


Quote, No..1-

When a good teacher teaches the lessons of life, then no one can erase him throughout his life.

Quote, No..2-

A good teacher does not answer your questions, but only shows you the way and allows you to make your own choice so that you can achieve all the happiness that you deserve.

Quote, No.3-

To become our guide, motivate us and make us what we are today, teacher! Thank you

Quote, No.4-

An accurate evaluation of a teacher cannot be done with what he does not know and how can he be able to reach his knowledge to others, but it is done by the fact that he Whether others can encourage learning or not?

Quote, No.5-

A teacher who loves teaching teaches his students to love knowledge.

Quote, No.6-

Raising the pleasure of creative expressions and knowledge in our students is only one of the essential qualities of a teacher.

Quote, No.7-

The most significant sign of success for a teacher … is to say, “Children are doing such things just as I have not existed.”

Quote, No.8-

Experience is a harsh teacher because he takes the exam first and learns the lesson later.

Quote, No.9-

Failure should be our teacher, not our end. Collapse is delayed, do not lose It’s a temporary affair, not a standoff Failure can only be saved by saying something, doing something or doing something else.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.10-

A teacher is a directional who activates the magnetism of curiosity, knowledge, and intelligence.

Quote No.11-

Nobody can help you if you do not want to learn. If you are determined to learn, then no one can stop you

Quote No.12-

Raising happiness in creative expression and knowledge is the teacher’s highest art.

Quote No.13-

If you feel that your teacher is strict, then wait until you find a boss.

Quote No.14-

You have to grow out of the inside. Nobody can read you; nobody can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher than your soul.

Quote No.15-

Quote 15. Teaching is a business that creates the rest of the company.

Quote No.16-

A teacher is never a benefactor of truth; He works as a guide for every student, a guideline so that he can find his truth.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.17-

The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his students, which can be quickly answered, but it is that he inspires to ask his students how to explain the answer. It is difficult

Quote No.18-

I learned silence from talkative, learned tolerance with intolerance and learned mercy from unkind, but still strange that I am ungrateful towards these teachers.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.19-

Those people who know how to think, they do not need a teacher.

Quote No.20-

The ability of teaching is a distinctive mark of complete knowledge.

Quote No.21-

Most of us remember only five to six people, but a teacher recognizes thousands of people for life.

Quote No.22-

A good teacher can awaken a hope, solve our imagination, and love our knowledge in our mind.

Quote No.23-

A teacher who tries to teach his disciples without being motivated to earn knowledge runs a hammer on cold iron.

Quote No.24-

I like a teacher who gives you something other than homework and goes home.

Quote No.25-

A teacher is a person who does not speak once.

Quote No.26-

Like a good entertainer, a good teacher should come first to bind his audience and then he can read his lessons.

Quote No.27-

A real teacher protects his students against personal effects against themselves.

Quote No.28-

Prosperity is a great teacher and calamity is also a prominent teacher.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.29-

Education is the key to success in life and teachers have a lasting influence on the lives of their students.

Quote No.30-

Preparation, interpretation, performance, observation, and observation There are five steps to teach new skills to any employee.

Quote 31.

I think teaching should be a gleeful business and not a choice.

Quote No.32-

A teacher should have maximum power but minimal power.

Quote No.33-

It is education not only to fill the pitcher but also to ignite the light.

Quote No.34-

Learning will teach you and teach you by understanding.

Quote No.35-

We can teach from our experiences, but we can not show our lessons.

Quote No.36-

A teacher is one that makes them progressively unnecessary.

Quote No.37-

A teacher who is intelligent does not let you try to enter the house of his intelligence but takes you to the threshold of your mind.

Quote No.38-

An average teacher tells. A good teacher gives details, proves to be an outstanding teacher and a great teacher inspires.

Quote No.39-

A general teacher clarifies the complexity while a talented teacher instinctively shows up.

Quote No.40-

A good teacher is like a lamp that burns itself to give light to others.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.41-

A good teacher is a master of simplification and an enemy of artificial simplicity.

Quote No.42-

A teacher can open the door for you, but this is your choice whether you enter through that door or not.

Quote No.43-

Books are among the coolest and lasting friends of friends; The advisors are the most accessible and intelligent advisors, and the teachers are the most patient teachers.

Quote No.44-

There are two types of teachers: those who make you so scared that you can not move, and those who give you a little throat from behind and you touch the sky.

Quote No.45-

Those who give an excellent education to those giving birth should be given more respect; Because they have just given birth, but they have learned to live.

Quote No.46-

They inspire you, entertain you, and you learn a lot without knowing anything.

Quote No.47-

The best teachers make the best teachers as their best students.

Quote No.48-

In the practice of tolerance, anyone’s enemy is his best teacher.

Quote No.49-

If I’m walking with two other people, then they both work as my guru. I will catch the good things of one and imitate them, and I will find the bad things about the other, and I will make them right inside.

Quote No.50-

If a country is to make a statement of corruption-free and beautiful-minded people, then I firmly believe that three leading members of society can do this. Father, Mother, and Guru

Quote No.51-

Success is a poor teacher. It develops thinking in people that they can not fail.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.52-

Love is a better teacher than duty.

Quote No.53-

I am indebted to my father for living, but to live better, my master’s

Quote No.54-

As I grew up, my teachers became clever.

Quote No.55-

Experience is the teacher of all things.

Quote No.56-

My mother was a great teacher, compassion, love and fearlessness teacher. If love is sweet like a flower, then my mother is a fresh flower of love.

Quote No.57-

The blind person does not need any person like him, not a teacher.

Quote No.58-

Quote 58. The art of teaching is like being helpful in the invention.

Quote No.59-

Do not try to improve a student but rather educate yourself. A good teacher makes a weak disciple good and a good disciple excellent.

Quote No.60-

At the time of learning, three things should be remembered: Know your subject matter; Know what you are teaching and after that show you a taste.

Quote No.61-

The beginning of the dream is with the teacher who believes in you, who pulls you away, gives a push and takes you to the next plateau, sometimes pushing with a sharp stick called “Truth.”

Quote No.62-

Go ahead in the light of things, let nature become your teacher.

Quote No.63-

Quote 63. Technology is just a tool. To make and motivate children together, the teacher is most important.

Quote No.64-

Experience is a great teacher.

Quote No.65-

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite fantasy, and create love towards learning.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.66-

In just one million people, only one person can become illuminated without the help of a Guru.

Quote No.67-

I have learned that mistakes can be as good a teacher as success.

Quote No.68-

A teacher who is not a doctrine is just a teacher who is not being taught.

Quote No.69-

The purpose of teaching is to make the child able to move forward without his master.

Quote No.70-

The greatest teacher I know is my job.

Quote No.71-

Many teachers can ruin you. Before you know that you can make a blurry copy of this or that teacher. You have to develop yourself on your own.

Quote No.72-

Your last mistake is your best teacher.

Quote No.73-

No bubble is so rainbow or long flyer as the bubble blown by a successful teacher.

Quote No.74-

So what does a good teacher do? Stress produces – but correct, in quantity.

Quote No.75-

In all the difficult tasks, the one who is the most difficult is to become a good teacher.

Quote No.76-

The most prominent property teacher at any school has a personality.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.77-

If you listen, then everyone is a teacher.

Quote No.78-

A good teacher should know the rules; Exception to a good student.

Quote No.79-

What the child learns depends more on the characteristics of his classmates than his teacher.

Quote No.80-

Experience is a good teacher, but he sends a bizarre bill.

Quote No.81-

You have to be a person who will wake up in the morning if you want to become a teacher.

Quote No.82-

Fear is not a good teacher. Lessons of fear are soon forgotten.

Quote No.83-

Why do not the teacher be handled when the students do the demonstration?

Quote No.84-

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all its students.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.85-

The teacher consists of two qualities, one who binds you in rules and makes a perfect person and the other who leaves you in open excitement and paves the way for you.

Quote No.86-

The importance of the teacher is more important to the donor, because knowledge creates a person as a person, gives life worthy of life.

Quote No.87-

An educator teaches the book; one explains the detail to you by performing one’s work and showing you the path, leaving you to walk on it so that you can make your independent personality. This last quality teacher always keeps you in the form of inspiration inside you, which encourages you in every situation you are invited.

Quote No.88-

There is a teacher’s role in the foundation of everyone’s success. It is impossible without any motivation to reach any height.

Quote No.89-

We are debtors of our parents for our life, but for a good personality, we are indebted to a teacher.

Quote No.90-

The teachers themselves do not reach the booths, but those entering the highlands create a teacher.

Quote No.91-

Parents and teachers are responsible for making a great country great.

Quote No.92-

A teacher can only be taken out of utter darkness.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote No.93-

A teacher scares you, but it is useful in him.

Quote No.94-

The teacher’s personality is like a Mr. Fruit.

Quote No.95-

Becoming a teacher is the most significant responsibility. Education can make a man a country devotee or a terrorist.

Quote No.96-

A school should be named not only good students but also teachers with a great personality.

Quote No.97-

The teacher has art that can turn the soil into gold.

Quote No.98-

Kitaba and priceless words also play the role of the teacher in life.

Quote No.99-

The way of life is complicated. The idea of ​​truth is complicated. But who teaches truth in every situation. He is called a successful teacher.

teachers day: 100 teachers day thoughts 

Quote, No.100-

There are no words on the left. Like God, whose body is like. Shout like a hundred yards Sacrificing life at their feet

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