Parents Quotes: 21 Parents Quotes 
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Parents Quotes : 21 Parents Quotes in english

Parents Quotes : 21 Parents Quotes in english

Parents Quotes: 21 Parents Quotes 

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In today’s article, I am going to tell you about 21 Parents Quotes.
You all know what the importance of parents in our lives is.

I am presenting some of the best ideas related to this.
So let’s go to the article and walk.

Parents Quotes: 21 Parents Quotes 

Quotes No.1-

In the house where “mother and father” are, God resides in the same home.


Quotes No.2-

Have you written a lot of attention to anyone’s accompaniment … !! Compatible you will be bad, and the infamous “mother-father” will be.


Quotes No.3-

Thousands of people are found to meet, but thousands of forgiveness “mother-father” who do not meet again.

Quotes No.4-

Do not be afraid to look at the problems of parents and parents when they fall apart; then there is no sleep on silk pillows too.

Parents Quotes: 21 Parents Quotes 

Quotes No.5-

Mother is a bank where you can collect every emotion and grief, and the father is a credit card without having balance, but trying to fulfill dreams.


Quotes No.6-

In the early childhood, he will recover from the slightest mucus of the mother and the point of saying such medication has not yet happened.


Quotes No.7-

Whether you make a thousand pooja and pilgrimage, you have thousands, but if you reject the parents, then everything is worthless.


Quotes No.8-

In this world, only parents can love without selfishness.


Quotes No.9-

Do something that your parents should pray in every birth, Lord, give us such a child at every birth.


Quotes No.10-

A good mother is with every son, but a good son does not have every mother.


Quotes No.11-

Take care of two people in life, the one who has lost everything to your victory “father” and the second whom you have called in every misery “mother.”

Parents Quotes: 21 Parents Quotes 

Quotes No.12-

Mother, what will you have to pay me the right of your milk, you are angry and happy, what will happen to me.


Quotes No.13-

Only father in the world is a person who wants me to be more successful than me.


Quotes No.14-

Father’s numbness is like the sun, the sun is hot, but if it does not, then the darkness shines.


Quotes No.15-

When I woke up in the morning, someone was going to work too tired; they were “papa.”


Quotes No.16-

If you can not find anything, then what is the gum, the father has found that what is less, the few places found, in his stature, is he less than a Jannat.


Quotes No.17-

Even today, remember that the day when I caught my finger and taught you to walk taught how to walk in this way that you found yourself close to every test.

Parents Quotes: 21 Parents Quotes 

Quotes No.18-

On the day when you come to the house of your parents, remember that the whole religion of yours flows in Ashu on that day.


Quotes No.19-
It is said that the first love is never forgotten, then why do not people forget the love of their “parents.”


Quotes No.20-

He is tired, his eyes shut, but “mother” sleeps too, then it worries.

Parents Quotes: 21 Parents Quotes 

Quotes No.21-

God is not a visible parent, and God is the God who is visible.

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