Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts
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Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts in English

Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Hello Friends,

The life of all of us is like a car, and the mirror of this carriage is our thinking, our behaviour, our attitude.

In this childhood, this glass is clean, entirely clear. But as we grow up, we grow up.

Due to the people around us, because of our environment, our beliefs about our own are changed because of our friends.

Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

This means due to the environment, due to the climate, dust, soil, garbage accumulates due to its reason.

  And filled with this dust, filled with clay, we have accepted our reality as a glass of wastes. Somewhere we have forgotten to clean that glass.

We have assumed something, conceded some desires, and we have left some dreams. Some things we have thought.

Like somebody thinks I can not do business because I do not have money (my own belief).

Someone thinks I cannot bring good marks because I am always an average student.

  So this is the belief made by himself … never tried to clear that glass, never tried to break that belief.

Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Someone says:
I can not be a good salesman because my way of talking is not right.

I can not become a businessman; I can not be a good husband, I can not become a good teacher, I can not become a good teacher.

I have to spend an average life because nothing is special in me.

I can not be rich because my luck is terrible, I can not think big because the big thinking is not real.

This is the mirror of your thinking; it is terrible because you have allowed it to get worse.

This baby is clear in childhood.

When you tried to walk, when you had started walking, you fell.

And after falling, you did not make any accusations, did not make excuses.

You did not say that I fell because the carpet is not good.

 I fell because the ladder was stuck in.

Or did not have a finger on my parents that I could not walk or because I did not come to teach them, they could not show me to walk.

When you fell asleep you tried to rise again, then collapsed and then rose up and worked until you were successful, till you could not learn to walk.

Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Man, why did not you blame anyone, then why not tell excuses? Then what happened?

And if not then why not?

Think …. !! Because then the mirror of your thinking was clear.

She did not find excuses; she did not come in the bottle, she did not understand herself less than others.

So he never considered defeat and tried till you could get the chance.

and then?

Then you grew up The talk of people got affected by you.

The negative environment around you has been affected.

The words of the people, because of the dust of the people, dirt and grime of the people, the mirror of your thinking became dirty, and the speed of your vehicle decreased, and now you can not even see it.

You are not able to see your ability as well as your ability and your ability to understand your life. He realises your potential.

Now listen to me … if want to change your life, really want to fulfil your dream, then once this dust, remove this clay and look at it.

 Once you clean this glass, then look, this is the soil that came out because of the logo, it can be removed, and your life can change.

Just by believing once, after scrubbing this glass, knowing yourself and knowing yourself, trust yourself and look at it.

Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Your dreams will be fulfilled because you can fill it, you deserve to achieve it.

Now I can not do this? How can I Change this thinking, then see how problems can be solved.

: I can not be a good student. Change how I can become a better student. You will then meet Halda; Idea will start coming.

I can not be a good manager, good salesmen. Change this how I can become a good manager or salesman.

Believe it and then see how you will start getting the solution.

When you believe I can do it. I have to do this, how to do it, you will find yourself solved.

Instead of being neglected, after seeing anything that has happened on your head today, instead of looking at the garbage lying on that glass, clean that garbage.

Do not think I can not .. Think how I can do this? How would it be possible?

Then you will start getting solved by everything.

The glass will become clear, and the road will become clean, the speed will become more explicit, and the rate of your car will increase – will increase, the development of life will improve and will get success in life.

So today after the promise that you will not let the soil on the mirror of thinking be allowed. Do not waste the garbage.

Promise yourself that you will have full faith in yourself. Make a promise that you will solve the excuses rather than find reasons.

Write down the comments in this post that we will keep the glass of our thinking clean after today.

 Due to the people’s talk, due to the environment, due to negative people, the soil will not let loose on them, the garbage will not freeze.

Negative thoughts: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Just promise that with you-you will have full faith in yourself, that too is not 10% .. not 30% .. 99% also .. 100% trust yourself, 100% Confidence on your own, 100% trust yourself Pay.

And in this way, you will get rid of your negative thinking.

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