Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes
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Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes in english

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Whenever we talk about the freedom of our country, one name comes first in our mind, and that name is “Mahatma Gandhi’.
, How did the friends know Mahatma Gandhi, who gave freedom to India, following the path of truth, peace and non-violence?

Today we thought that why not think of the thoughts of such a great person should be shared with you, which will inspire us to move forward in our life.
Let’s know some thoughts of such a great person.

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Full name – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mother’s name – Putlibai

Father’s Name – Karamchand Gandhi

Birth Date – 02 October 1869

Birthplace – Gujarat

Education – Barrister

Wife’s name – Kasturbai Machanji Kapadia

Children – Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, Devdas

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

1. There is a sin in forgetting, but there is even greater sin in hiding it.

2. The world we are doing with the forests is nothing else but the reflection of what we are doing with ourselves and with each other.

3. Do the first thing in the morning that you should resolve for this day – I am not afraid of anyone in the world – I am so scared of God only. I do not keep a bad feeling towards anyone. Ido not bow before anyone’s injustice. I win the truth with truth. And in opposition to falsehood, I can endure all the hardships.

4. Those who save time save money and the saved money is equal to the amount of money earned.

5. What will happen in the future, I do not think so. I am concerned about the present. God has not given me any control over the coming moments.

6. If there is no fasting of mind along with physical starvation, then it can be suppressed and harmful.

7. Your beliefs become your thoughts; your thoughts become your words, your words become your work, your work becomes your habit, your habits become your value, your values ​​become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

8. Live some life as if you are going to die tomorrow, learn something so that you are always living.

9. Extremely more valuable than long-term speeches.

10. We must know the value of cleanliness and cleanliness … We have to remove the dirt from our midst … Is not purity itself a prize?

11. I do not mean that pooja lessons should be left. It is also necessary to do all this for peace of mind.
But if it is possible for me to wear leopard pebbles and I feel that it will help me concentrate on God, then I will leave the garland and run the charkha.
The power to run the spinning wheel is in me, and I have to make the choice that the beads should be rounded or spinning wheel.
So long as there are poverty and hunger in the country, my decision will be in favour of Charkha, and I will make my necklace to him.

12. Pleasure is not the thing to meet outside, but without getting rid of ego, it will not even happen.

13. Foolish and screwed people are also laughing at the emphasis on wrong traditions, while they are not laughing at this, and they should not have achieved this. Due to this condition of women, many of our movements remain locked in the balance.

14. Women advise that they revolt against all unwanted and unfair pressures. There is no hope of any such damage from this rebellion. This will lead to rational resistance and purity will come.

15. Not excessive work, irregularities kill a man.

16. The education is not going to run behind the English language, isolating it from its family or just for knowing and compelling to cry; But rather to develop practical, cultural, social and moral values.

17. Truth never causes harm to a cause which is justified.

18. At that moment, when we doubt the motive of a person; She does nothing to waste only.

19. A good book is an excellent teacher.

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

20. In the real democracy, there should be equal opportunities for both men and women below and below.

20. If I was born as a woman, then I strongly opposed any injustice imposed by men and raised the flag of revolt against them.

21. The economy cannot be separated from ethical thinking, but economic development should also be based on ethics.

22. It is cowardice to be subjected to Kurti; it is prudent to oppose it.

23. Faith should always be weighed in logic. When religion goes blind then dies.

24. Maybe we fall and fall, but we can get up; It’s so good to escape from the battle.

25. Poverty is not a divine curse, but a consensual conspiracy.

26. Happiness is only when you think, what you say and who does, are in harmony.

27. It is clear that it is a matter of talking about the self-government without the unity of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis, Christians and other cases, if we have to achieve independence, then differentiated communities will have to be found in the high bond of friendship. (And also for keeping freedom fast)

28. If we are humble, then we can learn from the most significant text of life, the so-called Abodha children, for them there is no need to go to the great Omar scholars.

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

29. It is the health that is our right money, the value of gold and silver is nothing in front of it.

30. An error cannot be exact due to arguments, and no truth cannot be an error because no one is watching it.

31. I only look at the good qualities of people and not count their mistakes.

32. The weak cannot forgive anyone, sorry is the sign of healthy people.

33. Definition of non-violence is complicated. Such work is violence or non-violence has raised this question many times in my mind. I understand that non-violence is not to hurt anyone with heart, word and body. But to execute it, it is impossible for the flesh.

34. Seven severe sins: money without work; Happiness without conscience; Science without humanity; Without character
Knowledge; Politics without theory; Trade without ethics; Pooja without sacrificing.

35. Giving happiness to one’s heart by one act is better than thousands of ends bowed in prayer.

36. Fear is not a disease of the body; it kills the soul

37. Do not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like the ocean; If some drops on the beach are dirty, then the sea does not get messy.

38. On the day when the power of love will dominate the love of power, the peace will prevail in the world.

39. Always aim for a complete reconciliation of your thoughts, words and actions. Always strive to clean your thoughts and everything will be fine.

40. Believing is a quality, mistrust is the mother of weakness.

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

41. Violent bullying will not protect the Hindu religion, nor of the Sikh religion. Such education has not been given in Guru Granth Sahib. Christianity does not even teach these things. The sword has not protected Islam. You have to defend your freedom. You can protect that only when you become compassionate and brave and will always be aware. Otherwise one day it will come when you regret this foolishness, due to which this beautiful and precious fruit will get out of your hands. I hope that day will never happen. We should always remember that the power of Lokmat is higher than the swords.

42. Accepting your mistake is similar to brooming which shines the surface of the surface and shines it.

43. Maybe you never know what the result of your work was, but if you do not do anything, then there will be no results.

44. If a man wants to learn, then every mistake can give him some education.

45. Power of love is a thousand times powerful and permanent by the power of punishment.

46. ​​A coward is unable to show love, the love of braves is the privilege.

47. Anger and intolerance are the enemies of right understanding.

48. The continuous development is the rule of life, and the person who always tries to preserve his conservatives to show himself right makes himself miserable.

Mahatma Gandhi : 51 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

49. In doing something, either do it with love or never do it.

50. Some people dream of success while other people are awake and working hard.

51. Those who are hungry for their praise, prove that they do not have the qualifications.

Friends, these were the great thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, “Mahatma Gandhi Quotes”.
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