Lower Back Pain Symptoms Causes Treatment
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Lower Back Pain Symptoms Causes Treatment in english

Lower Back Pain Symptoms Causes Treatment in English

Lower Back Pain Symptoms Causes Treatment

Hello friends
You will also sometimes have back pain.
And if back pain persists, and you want to fix it.
So you’re reading exactly the article
Let’s learn about fixing back pain.

Lower waist pain or back pain Most people sometimes experience in their life.
Waist Pain Most of the lower part of our back thoracic bones is what is called Lumber Reason.
This place has the most pain, and it is tough to do anything.
Although lower waist pain is cured by itself sometimes pain is not needed, it is necessary to have medicines.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms Causes Treatment

General symptoms

Lower Back Pain
This is some common symptom for which you do not need to panic, or you can go to the hospital or medical center later and get your treatment –

1-Faintness or prick in the lower part of the abdomen
2-Difficult to stand upright
3- Sometimes the pain begins immediately after a game injury or accident. Most of these massive weight lifting plays have seen such difficulties.
4- If backache is more extended than 2-3 months then consult your doctor immediately.

Lower Back Pain

Instant medical symptoms

1-High pain in the waist after a major accident in which there is a lot of pain in size, due to which it is difficult to move and difficult to move.
2 – Do not stand with waist pains and your feet get numb.
3-back pain along with excessive fever
4- Pain or discomfort in urinating and also a pain in the waist.
5- Do not stop peeing and pain in the trunk.
Note: After meeting with the doctor, give full information to every doctor in the future regarding these diseases and these medicines so that they can easily understand the reason for your back pain.

Lower Back Pain

Stretch or tension in the muscles

Occasionally there is a strain on the muscles when exercising excessive weight or exercising.

Which causes excessive pain in the lower waist.

Sometimes the tension in the muscles causes the reed bone to hurt.

Due to which there is pressure on the cystic vein which causes too much pain in the waist, which is called Chitika.

Your job or work

If most of your office’s work is to be dragged, lifting heavy things or doing something that feels pressure to your bone may be the leading cause of back pain.
. Occasionally sitting on the office chair, there is also a pain in the waist or back discomfort.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Symptoms Causes Treatment
The burden on your bag/body

Sometimes when we pick up some heavy items at work or while walking.

 So, there is pressure on our waist too.

 The pressure of the stuff we pick is on the lower part of our reed bone.

 Occasionally, some people also suffer from the back pain due to lifting their bag.

 Because their bags are more massive and they hang them behind for a long time.
In such a way, using a backed back would be better for your health.

Lower Back Pain
Excessive exercise

Occasionally, people who go to the gym or golf play a lot of pressure on the muscles during their play or exercise, the groin pain begins.
In such a situation, either relax for a few days or do some easy exercises that do not cause pressure on your waist.

How you sit

You must have heard one thing that whenever you are seated sitting straight.
The biggest reason for this is that if your seating posture is not correct, then its direct impact falls on your bone.
People working in a call center or on a software company or people working in such companies have to work at the time of going, in such a way, pain in the waist is a simple thing.
Break at some time for some time because there is nothing bigger than health.

1-Spinal stenosis is a condition in which there is a small space inside the red bone. Which causes pressure on the spinal nerve, causing more pain in the waist
2-Spondylitis is another condition in which pain in the backbone causes excessive tightness and pain in the back.
3-fibromyalgia is another condition in which muscle and lower part of the waist and intolerable pain.

Lower Back Pain

The person who is most likely to have back pain?

Most people have a risk of waist pains since the age of 25 to 30 years. Along with aging, complaints of back pain also gradually increase. Along with increasing age, there may be other reasons for back pain such as:

1- Increasing weight gain or obesity
2- Working longer hours
3- Upon lifting more than average weight


To diagnose the pain of your waist, tell the doctor well about the pain,
Also, give full information about an old injury
So that the doctor can easily find it.
According to your doctor, you can also send X-Ray, CT scan or MRI to get it done.
But initial treatment doctors may start with some medicines.

Lower Back Pain

How To Maintain A Home For Waist Pain

If you have pain in the waist, you can take care of your waist pain in some of the best ways in the house itself-

1- A bath in hot water reduces the waist pain.
Use a 2-hot pad and keep it at the waist place.
Use 3-infrared lamps.
4- Keeping all your work on the back, even after having back pain, it reduces the stiffness of the waist.
Yoga is a great way to reduce the 5-back pain. It has been observed in many places that long waist pain due to 3 to 4 months has also been cured through Yoga. If waist pain is not short, then you have got a good yoga instructor and help yoga.

Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation is one of the best safety measures, with the help of which you can overcome the pain of your waist.
In this, some osteopathic doctors treat the muscles and bones with the help of their hands instead of the waist.

Treatment by Massage

The pain of the waist can also be overcome by muscle massage.
For this, it is necessary to work together.

Lower Back Pain


Most small waist pain medicines are available on drugs such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, or you can also use the diclofenac appointment.
If you have excessive pain, contact your doctor and eat prescription medicines from them.

The surgery

If there is a pain for a long time and suffering from any medication or another type of injection is not reduced, then in the last time the doctor is called for the patient for surgery.

How to stay away from the pain of the waist

To stay away from the pain of the waist, it is essential to pay a lot of attention to some things –

Maintain your healthy weight, which does not cause excessive pressure on the waist or feet.
Exercise regularly.
Always walk straight and sit straight.

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