Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes
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Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes in English

Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes in English

Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes

Hello friends,

Love, Ishq, Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, without which this world is not possible.

Everyone has felt it in their life, everyone has said.

And everybody has said something about it, whether it is an author or a philosopher.

That’s why we have brought 51 quotes focused on love for you today.

You want to read, feel and take it in your life, this is our wish.

Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes

Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes


1. Where there is love, there is life.

2. The power of love is thousands of times powerful in the ability of hate.

3. Love is a fruit that is found in every season and which all can find.

4. Love only gives to God itself and finds itself. Love does not empower anyone, nor does anyone accept authority. Love is so much to love for love.

5. Love is the image of God and not a useless idol, but a living essence of the divine nature, through which virtues of welfare continue to flourish.

6. Love is sacred and best from all relations of the world.

7. The history of purity of love is the history of human civilization, its life.

8. Always meet each other with a smile, which is the beginning of the smile love.

9. The heart of the person who loves is the real heaven on the earth. God dwells in that man because God is love.

10. In our differences, if love is not awake, then the world is a prison for us.

11. Ninety percent of love is responsible for whatever is firm and lasting happiness in our life.

12. Only those people who are willing to be ready can love.

13. Besides love, there is no desire for love. But if you do not love and do not want to do it without you, then only desire that you get melted and start flowing in this holy spring of love and love.

14. Love is not bought, it offers itself.

Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes

15. The power of love is a thousand times powerful and permanent by the power of penalties.

16. If you are immersed in love, then if you wake up in the morning, then be happy to find another day of love.
And then when you go to sleep in the night, pray for your loved one in your heart and lyrics for his happiness on lips.

17. Love plants who drink, Shesh Dakshina day Cobbler could not give Sis, name love

18. The love of men begins with the eyes, and the love of women starts with the ears.

19. Love is not a pure cow, a dreaded lion, which does not let anyone’s eye on its prey.

20. Love is more powerful than death; death is more powerful than life. Knowing this, how many narrow boundaries have been drawn between human beings.

21. The best way to destroy an enemy is to start loving them.

22. A heart full of love gives mercy to the forgiveness of his love character and loves him even when he is injured himself.

23. Loving, looting affection is the highest duty of man. Whatever you gladly give, it will enrich your life in unexpected ways.

24. Whatever you get by love The difference is found in the hours; the hours get solved.

25. Love is infinite faith, boundless patience, and tremendous force.

26. Love is a sensation that realizes the world’s most beautiful feeling. It has its effect on our soul.

27. Immature love says – I love you because I need you. Mature love says – I need you because I love you.

28. Love is when the happiness of another person is more important than your happiness.

29. Love and doubt never go together.

30. Love is the only mantra, and it is the service.

31. A true friend can teach us the language of love. This is possible when there is true love there.

32. Love pizza ji drink, sheshi Dakshina payable. Cobbler could not give Sis, name love

Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes

33. When you decide to decide for someone, then forget to love.

34. Love is to be kept not only on our neighbors or friends but also on those who are our enemies.

35. The unfathomable object that conquers all human weaknesses is the greatest gift of God in my thoughts.

36. True love does not manifest by praise; it appears in service.

37. A heart full of love is the beginning of all knowledge.

38. A small hope is enough for the birth of love.

39. In true love, man forgets himself.

40. Every person becomes a poet with the touch of love.

41. If love is not awakened in our differences, then the world is a prison for us.

42. Getting excessive love by someone gives you strength, and you get courage by loving excesses to someone.

43. We waste our time in search of ideal love rather than creating perfect love.

44. When you start judging someone, you forget to love.

45. Ishq invalidated Ghalib. Otherwise, we were the man’s work.

46. ​​Where there is no love and devotion, there is no divine; there is no divine.

Love Quotes: 51 Love Quotes

47. All the love changes and changes in them. I do not know how you can live in love all the time

48. Love which is not madness, desire is not loved.

49. Love and loving love are the greatest pleasures of human life.

50. The face of a woman who loves a woman knows such as a sailor knows the open sea

51. Ninety percent of love is responsible for whatever is firm and lasting happiness in our life.

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