Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 
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Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts in English

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts in English

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 

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Let’s look at these 80 Interesting Facts.

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 

1. The crocodile flows when he eats food

2. Chita is faster than all the animals running; she runs at a speed of 96 kilometers per hour.

3. The eyes of the commodity are such that it can concentrate its vision in 2 directions at the same time

4. Whole fish is the fastest growing fish; it is 18 meters long

5. Almost 600 sea creatures are those that create light from their body.

6. Almost all creatures have only one heart in the body. But the cutter fish is a fish with three centers in its body

7. Kangaroo can jump up to a height of 10 feet

8. A dolphin eye keeps open while sleeping

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 

9. If Goldfish is kept in the dark room for a long time, its color becomes white

Amazing fact 10. Scarves can pull ten times their weight

11. The color of Yamalay Yak’s milk is pink.

12. The honey has to suck 40 lacs of flowers to make 1 kg of honey

13. The electric eel is a fish whose color gets white in the cold

14. A Whale Daily consumes 3 tons of food. And surprisingly, it can be eaten without food for six months

15. The horse can stand standing as well

16. Chintan’s can draw 300 times more weight than their weight

17. After sucking 20 minutes of animal blood, the body of leech increases five times, and after that, it does not need to eat for one year.

18. Wood Chuck found in North America sleeps eight months in a year

19. The Python is a huge dragon that swallows the 90 kilograms of bears.
Amazing fact 20. Pinky Gobi Fish is the smallest fish; it is 8 mm. It is long.

20. Pinky Gobi Fish is the smallest fish; it is 8 mm. It is long

21. Eye muscles move 100,000 times a day

22. Women’s heartbeat rate is higher than men

23. The salivary gland of man produces saliva from 1 to 1.5 liters in the day

24. Our mind is such a vast reservoir that can keep 10000 smells in itself, can remember and recognize them

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 

25. Human is the most large gland lever in the body.

26. Our kidneys filter a 120ml liter of blood daily. The whole blood of our body is filtered 30 times a day.

27. Message from different parts of the body is sent at a rate of 240 miles per hour

28. The human body has 206 bones. In children, 330 bones are found, which increases when one becomes addicted.

29. Whatever happens on top of the medicine, it is the hardest thing in the whole body

Amazing fact 30. The strongest bone of our body is the thigh bone.

31. Right, and by-side parts of our face are not the same. Our Kano level is not even the same. One of our eyes is more potent than the other eye

32. Hart in human life beats 200 million times. About 50 million liters of blood pumps during this period

33. Our smallest muscle is of the ear; its length is slightly more than 1 mm.

Some Amazing Facts in Hindi About Birds
34. SOOTY TERN is a bird that can rise to 3-4 days continuously

35. Casovori is a bird that can rip the man and the animal with its claws like rags

36. Hans body has more than 25000 feathers

37. The Penguin bird found in Antarctica can go up to 266 meters in the ocean and can stay so profoundly for 18 minutes.

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 

38. Oulu can also look backward.

39. The biggest bird – ostrich

40. The smallest bird – Humming Bird

41. The Most Wandering Bird – The Mute Swan

42. The big bird to fly- Condor

43. The fastest bird to travel – Indian Swift

44. The largest egg – ostrich

45. The highest flying bird – Egyptian geez

46. ​​Shurmur takes a stone, which helps in digestion of digested food in its body.

47. The parrot is a bird that can shake both the upper and lower parts of its beak

48. Imina bird can duplicate the bio of about 40 other birds.

49. Many varieties of til can be stopped for 1000 km.

50. A potato can produce 6 or more potatoes

51. More than 800 varieties of roses have been developed in the world today.

52. World of 1000 varieties of mango are produced

53. The mushrooms of the room only develop in 7 days

54. Flowers of sunflower always turn towards the sun

55. The oxygen produced in the last half day is ten times higher than the carbon dioxide produced by them.

56. Some plants also eat meat to obtain nitrogen; they have food insects. Venus Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 

57. Most Light Gas – Hydrogen

58.Most heavy metal – osmium

59. The Light Metal – Lithium

60. The solid material – diamond

Pluto is the smallest and coolest house on the 61.9 planets.

62. The way we speak on earth is not possible in such a place. The reason for this is that there is no medium in space.

63. Age of the Sun is 5 billion years. The scientist’s mind is just half the age of the sun 5 billion years is still left

64. Greek wife Helen of Chandragupta Maurya of Magadh started the practice of wearing a sari in women in India.

65. Leonardo da Vinci is said to be one of ten talents of great talent; he was a painter, inventor, value player, engineer, scientist, a parish, designer, architect.

66. Saying Kekule had done a solution to Benzene’s structure in the dream

67. Too much people think an electron is the smallest particle. But that’s not true. Photon is even lower than that.

68. If you put ice in the ammonia fluid, then it is not the last

69. Quik silver is a metal that lives in a liquid state. He is so heavy that the iron floats on it too.

70. Google will eat if you google Zerg Rush And GG will write in last.

71. In pregnancy, the mind of the woman is shrinking, which takes six months to come in average size.

Interesting Facts: 80 Interesting Facts 

72. Your left lung is smaller than the right lung.

73. India has the world’s largest vegetarian population

74. Khali Baoli Delhi is the world’s largest spice market

Only one of 75.100 weddings is divorced in India, which is the lowest in the world.

76. India’s army was the fastest army in the Second World War, which was 2.5 million

77. Bichendri Pal is the first woman to climb India’s Everest.

78. India’s singer Lata Mangeshkar has sung about 35000 songs in 20 Indian languages, the highest in any of the songs sung by any singer in the world.

79. Vanaras is the oldest city in the world inhabited by the world.

80. There are 22 languages ​​in Constitutional India. 880 words ​​are spoken in India

So these were 80 Interesting Facts.
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