Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english
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Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english

Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english

Every year in our India, Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on September 14, people celebrate this day by remembering the history of Hindi language. On September 14, 1949, Hindi was officially given the status of Executive and Official Language of India in Devanagari script, and since then the country is celebrated as Hindi Day on 14th September.

Why is Hindi day celebrated?

Hindi Day is celebrated throughout the country to display the importance of Hindi language in the state. India has an extensive history of Hindi language which is associated with the Indo-Aryan branch of Indo-European language family.

The Government of India has set a goal to make mother tongue in line with the country’s freedom, i.e., the purpose of making the Hindi language grammar and spelling Apart from India, it is also spoken in Mauritius, Pakistan, Suriname, Trinidad, and some other countries. 258 million people speak it as a mother tongue, and it is the 5th great language of the world.

Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english

Hindi Day celebration

aHindi Day is celebrated every year to honor Mother’s language of India. It is marked by people in government offices, private offices, and educational institutions. School and college students celebrate it with a variety of activities under the proper guidance of the teachers. Hindi Day is celebrated throughout the country, which reflects the importance of the most widely spoken Hindi language in India.

 It is celebrated by students in almost all schools and colleges by organizing a unique gathering of many recreational activities. Recitation of the recitation of the duhs of Tulsi Das by the students of various classes, reading of the speech, essay writing, Hindi poetry lessons, couplets of Kabir Das, Rahim’s couplet, singing, song, dance, general knowledge quiz competition, drama, slogan in Hindi Writing is included in the main activities of this day.

Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english

On this day, students are encouraged to give speeches, essay writing, and other activities in Hindi especially. In the schools, small children are given work or some lines of speech to write something in Hindi. An ancient and famous Hindi hymn (“A Malik Tere Bande Hum”) is sung in the group by the students.

National Language Day – To celebrate Hindi Day, internal school competitions are organized by various schools. Students of different schools invite students to participate in multiple games such as the text of Hindi poetry (based on the subject of “Hindi My Identity”) and (based on ‘Hindi theme’ formula of unity) competition. These types of games are organized by the schools to help the students to discover the knowledge of Hindi language along with their different tasteful ways.

Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english

Importance of Hindi Day

Hindi Diwas – Hindi Diwas celebrates with great fanfare in India, schools, colleges, offices, institution offices, private office officers and academic institutions. Organizing various programs and organizing Hindi related events, such as Hindi poetry, story writing, Hindi Diwas essay/essay writing, the importance of Hindi language, usage, and some interesting facts are told to the people.

Most people in India prefer the Hindi language while talking, since childhood, we are given the knowledge of Hindi language in our homes. Hindi is one of the most spoken words ​​in the world. aHindi is also spoken in many other countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Suriname, etc. and Hindi is a language that millions of people use as their mother tongue.

Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english

aHindi Diwas also receives various awards and awards by the President of India, this prize is given to the people who make valuable contributions in the field of Hindi in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

In addition to this, many departments, ministry, and nationalized banks are also given the Official Language Award. The Home Ministry changed the name of two awardees on Hindi Day on March 25, 2015. In which Rajiv Gandhi National Knowledge-Science Fundamental Book Writing Award was changed to Rajbhasha Gaurav Puraskar and Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Puraskar by changing the official language award.

Hindi is our official language, and we should respect it. It seems that with the development of economic and technological development today the Hindi language is losing its importance. It is seen that today everyone wants to learn and speak the English language to get success because we see that the demand for the English language is everywhere today. This is true, but we must never forget our mother tongue and official language.

Even though today’s knowledge of English language is necessary, we should never forget our official language to achieve success. Because our country’s language and our culture are imperative to us.

The official language of any economically advanced country always increases with the people there because they know that their official language and culture in any external country will be their identity. In the same way, Indians should also give importance to our official language. Because the Hindi language exposes our great ancient history and that is our identity.


What is the purpose of celebrating Hindi Day?

Every year on September 14, Hindi Diwas is celebrated in honor of Hindi. Many times on this occasion we have an idea that what is the purpose of commemorating Hindi Day. Many of us think because our country is a Hindi-speaking country and Hindi is the official language of our country, so we celebrate Hindi Day. Yes, this is one of the reasons for many reasons, but there are some other important aspects of this.

If we look at the figures, then we know that Hindi is the fourth largest language after Chinese, Spanish and English, still, keep its full knowledge, and the actual number of people who understand it well and read well is quite small. At present, the effect of English on the Hindi language is increasing day by day and if it continues in the same way, then the day is not far when there will be a crisis on its existence.

The primary purpose of Hindi Day is to promote and propagate its use among the people. For this reason, many types of individual honors are given to those persons and organizations who work well in the Hindi language on this day. So that the use of Hindi in the middle of the people could be encouraged. It is miserable that people in our country are not able to understand the importance of the language. Therefore, this day has been dedicated to explain the significance of Hindi to the people and to increase its use among them.

Hindi Diwas essay: hindi diwas speech in english

Hindi Diwas Essay

There is a great need to celebrate Hindi Day every year in the country; it is necessary that we respect our official language and our next generation also knows our official language rather than foreign language. Hindi day is not celebrated only because it is our official language .

because Hindi has been our language since centuries and we must respect our official language, and we should be proud of our official language.

Even in other countries, we should not feel embarrassed when speaking Hindi, but we should be proud while speaking Hindi. Today, we see that Indian people have started giving importance to English rather than Hindi as the importance of English language has increased in the official places. In such a time, celebrating Hindi Day in a year awakens pride in Hindi language and reminds people that Hindi is our national language.

Hindi Diwas is the country’s heritage, just as we respect the Tricolor, in the same way, we should honor our official language too. We can not rely on others until we accept this fact ourselves.

Hindi is the mother language of our country of India. We should be proud that we are Hindi speaking. Respecting the official language of our country, we are the highest duty of citizens. Among the religious differences of all of us, there is an official language that forms the basis of unity.

Hindi Day is an opportunity where we can reach the importance of Hindi language in the hearts of Indians and can tell them the importance of Hindi language. This festival will have the effect of Hindi language on the minds of Indian youth, and they will start using the Hindi language while speaking.

Hindi Diwas essay: Hindi was a speech in English

We must celebrate Hindi Day every year with great pride and enthusiasm and participate in various activities in schools, colleges, societies, and offices. So that we can highlight the love for the Hindi language in the language and tell the importance of Hindi.


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