Hair loss : hair loss treatment in English
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Hair loss : hair loss treatment in English

Hair loss : hair loss treatment in English

Hair loss : hair loss treatment in English

Hello friends,
You know, hair fall has become a common thing today.
A lot of people are victims of this disease which are troubled by permanent hair loss.
According to a survey, about 70% of people are victims of this disease.

Friends, maybe you know, hair loss depends on the hormones.
But there is no need to fear it because I am going to tell you some useful home remedies.
By whom you can get rid of this problem forever.
Let’s know those measures –

Hair loss : hair loss treatment in English


Hair loss prevention top home remedies –

1. Coconut Oil-
-If your hair falls, then coconut oil is the easiest and useful home remedies that you have to apply on your head.
-Take 20 ml of coconut oil and take 10 ml of amla oil, besides adding one or two spoons of lemon juice, mix them well and apply them on your head and leave it for some time.
– After about 20 minutes you wash your head. Now you will feel your hair very soft and durable. If you have dandruff complaint, then he will also get away.
– Continuous use of coconut nourishes your hair and prevents them from falling.

2. Massage-
You should massage your head 3 to 4 times a week. For massage, you can use any of the amla oil, coconut oil, almond or olive oil.
– Slowly grab any of the oils mentioned above and apply it on the palm
– Keep the message with a light hand for about 10 minutes, and then leave it for at least 15 minutes. After this, wash your head with shampoo or soap.
– You can do massages like this three times a day
– Hair loss due to massage will stop; At the same time, you will feel refreshed, will be fresh in mind, Relax will bleed, and blood circulation will also be right in the body.


3. Fenugreek seeds and oils –
Take some seeds of fenugreek and fry them in coconut oil,
Now leave it for some time now, after cooling it, apply it on the head.
– Gradually rub hair on which the hair should reach the roots of hair,
Massage such a head 3-4 times a week, it will be of great benefit

Hair loss : hair loss treatment in English

4. Henna –
-Henna not only prevents hair from falling but also shines hair and makes it beautiful.
Boil some leaves of Hina henna with mustard oil,
Now let it cool down, apply cold on your head and yes if it is better to get coconut oil instead of mustard,
– Use of henna 3-4 times a week, it will be of great benefit,


5. Yoghurt and gram flour-
– Take 2-3 spoons fresh curd and add two spoons gram flour and make a paste,
Now put it on your hair shortly before bathing
– You can also use this process three times a day,


6. honey-
– Take two spoons of honey and take two spoon olive oil,
– Make a paste of it on the head,
– Do this 2-3 times a week, in 3-4 months you will see good results,


7. Anvil-
Take a dry gourd and chop it, boil it in coconut oil,
Now let it cool down and then keep this mixture in a bottle and keep it,
– Apply this oil before putting it daily before bathing and leave it for 15 minutes,
– Hair will provide energy and will strengthen its roots,

Hair loss : hair loss treatment in English

8. Amla and lemon juice-
– Take equal quantity of amla and lemon juice and mix well,
– Now use it as shampoo before bathing,
– Will prevent hair from falling,


9. Egg –
Blow the egg and apply its juice on the head. This helps in the growth of hair faster. Use the egg 2-3 times a week. If you use egg with olive oil, it will get better results.

10. Guava leaves-

-Take some guava leaves of guava in the fruit of the guava and boil in at least 1 liter of water. Boil until the water turns black. Now with this water you massage your head. Doing this strengthens hair roots and hair loss goes to a great extent.

Friends These were some of the best ways to prevent hair loss.
If you like, please share it.

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  1. Not always you can treat Hair Loss using home remedies.
    I use LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy). GrivaMax laser it’s the best solution

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