Engineers Day: Engineers Day Quotes in English
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Engineers Day: Engineers Day Quotes in english

#Engineers Day: Engineers Day Quotes in English

Engineers Day: Engineers Day Quotes in English

ENGINEERING DAY is celebrated every year by the engineering community on 15th September; this day is also celebrated as the birthday of Indian Mantra Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshgundam Vishvavvavaraya.

The chief engineer was responsible for the construction of the Krishna King Sagar Dam in Mysore, along with the development of the Chief Designer for the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad. This day is held in high esteem in the form of a former eminent engineer of India.

His contribution to the development of India is significant and noteworthy. This day aims to celebrate that the engineers who have contributed to the development of India with their practical skills can be respected and to give inspiration to the upcoming generation of engineers.

Engineers Day: Engineers Day Quotes in English

Engineers Day: Engineers Day Quotes in English

Engineers Day Quotes

1- Some engineers fail to become the owner of a company like ‘MICROSOFT’.

2- Practical knowledge is more important than knowledge books in engineering.

3- Most engineers take the more significant risk to achieve considerable success.

4- If you want to be a good computer engineer, use CTRL + C and CTRL + V at least.

5- Writing books in engineering can get an only good number, no good job.

In the childhood, the toys which are happy to break, in fact, they can grow up to become an engineer.

6- Most of the original engineers become a successful businessman.

Engineers Day: Engineers Day Quotes

7- God made humans and engineers created the human world according to their convenience.

8- The engineer goes on to credit the hard tasks of the human being into natural functions by machine.

9- Everyone thinks engineering is so easy as to walk in the park, but only one engineer knows that this park is not a Jurassic Park.

10- The engineer’s life is straightforward to see, but they are full of difficulties and risks every day.

11- There is no engineer from the knowledge of books and bringing good number, he has to prove his worth.

12- Unlike successful engineers, failing engineers earn more money, because they have a right brain in business.

13- Every person is an engineer making some houses, making some software, making some machines and weighing some dreams and completing them.

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