Dr radhakrishnan : 28 dr radhakrishnan thoughts
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Dr radhakrishnan : 28 Dr radhakrishnan thoughts in english

Dr radhakrishnan : 28 dr radhakrishnan thoughts in english

Dr radhakrishnan : 28 dr radhakrishnan thoughts

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (born: 5 September 1888; death: 17 April 1975) was the first Vice-President of independent India and second President.
He carried forward the glorious tradition of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. His tenure lasted from 13 May 1962 to 13 May 1967.

Dr radhakrishnan : 28 dr radhakrishnan thoughts
Their name is included in the first line of the great presidents of India.
The entire nation will always be there for their personality and personality.
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on September 5, 1888, in Tirumani village of Tamilnadu. His birthday is celebrated on 5th September even today as the whole nation is called ‘Teacher’s Day.’
Doctor Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was a known teacher of Indian culture, a great educationist, the great philosopher, great speaker, as well as a scientific Hindu thinker.
Doctor Radhakrishnan spent 40 years of his life as a teacher.
He was an ideal teacher.


Dr radhakrishnan : 28 Dr radhakrishnan thoughts

Quote, No.1-

God is not worshiped but the worship of those people who claim to speak in their name. Sin violates the order of such people and does not defile the purity.

Quote, No.2-

All the organizations of the world will become ineffective if it is true that love is powerful by hatred does not inspire them.

Quote, No.3-

Only a person with a pure mind can understand the spiritual meaning of life. Integrity with self is the inevitability of spiritual integrity.

Quote, No.4-

Age of puberty does not have to be taken from time to time. We are as young or old as we feel. This is what we think about ourselves.

Quote, No.5-

Books are the means through which we can construct a bridge between different cultures.

Quote, No.6-

Art exposes the thick layers of the human soul. Creativity is possible only when heaven touches the earth.

Quote, No.7-

Democracy is sure hope for not just individual people but in every spiritual man’s spiritual possibilities.

Quote, No.8-

A literary genius, it is said that looks like everyone, but no one looks like that.

dr radhakrishnan : 28 dr radhakrishnan thoughts in english

Quote, No.9-

We should take humanity back to the ethical roots, from which there is the origin of both discipline and freedom.

Quote No.10-

The result of education should be a free creative person who can fight against historical circumstances and natural calamities.

Quote No.11-

Reading a book gives us the habit of contemplating privacy and being truly happy.

Quote No.12-

There is no place for any particular theory in the religion of the poet.

Quote No.13-

It is said that without religion the person is like a horse without a hitch.

Quote No.14-

If a human becomes a demon, then it is his defeat, if a human super-human becomes, then this is his miracle. If a man becomes human, then this is his victory.

Quote No.15-

Religion is a victory over fear; Failure and death is the antidote.

Quote No.16-

Nation, like people, is created not only by those who have played but also those who left.

Quote No.17-

Human life is the raw form of life we can live just as we can.

Quote No.18-

Anyone who keeps himself away from worldly activities and is insensitive towards its problems cannot be wise.

Quote No.19-

Spiritual life is India’s talent.

Quote No.20-

Human nature is good, and the endeavor of enlightenment will end all evils.

Quote No.21-

Humans need not only technical skills but also attain the greatness of the soul.

dr radhakrishnan : 28 dr radhakrishnan thoughts in english

Quote No.22-

Money, power, and efficiency are the means of life itself, not the experience itself.

Quote No.23-

Seeing life as evil and treating the world as an illusion is just a blessing.

Quote No.24-

A life full of joy and happiness is possible only by knowledge and science.

Quote No.25-

Death is not the end of the obstacle, but it is the beginning of a new Kadam.

Quote No.26-

Peace cannot come from political or economic change, but it can come from a change in human nature.

Quote No.27-

Knowledge gives strength to us; love gives us fullness.

Quote No.28-

The most significant gift of life is the dream of high growth.

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