Chanakya Niti : 55 Chanakya Quotes in English
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Chanakya Niti : 55 Chanakya Quotes in English

Chanakya Niti : 55 Chanakya Quotes in English

Chanakya Niti: 55 Chanakya Quotes

Hello friends,
Because of his humiliation, Chanakya, who destroyed the Nand dynasty of Pataliputra and founded the Maurya Empire, was not only a great strategist but also a connoisseur of life.
In his book ‘Chanakya niti,’ he has given a great deal of description of religion, culture, justice, peace, education, life-theory, lifestyle, the ideal society, and reality.
This book is in Sanskrit and has been suggested in the formative style to make life happy and prosperous.
Although many things of ‘Chanakya niti’ are related to Rajgal, they have many formulas of the policy, which are relevant even today.
Similar 55 policy statements are presented here:

Chanakya Niti : 55 Chanakya Quotes in English

Thoughts of Chanakya related to life value

  1. The disease is more significant than the enemy.
  2. Providing health by providing less food as needed.
  3. Protecting faith should do more than life.
  4. The understanding folk character is called omniscience.
  5. The person is great by his conduct, not from birth.
  6. Development of destruction of self-esteem leads to destruction.
  7. The fool does not see his faults; he sees only the mistakes of others. Should not argue with fools, they should speak the same language as fools.
  8. Raja (lord), guru and deity should never go empty-handed.
  9. Forgiveness in place of force is more commendable.
  10. Anyone who violates the limits should never believe.
  11. The greatest strength of the world is the conscience of the man and the beauty of the woman.
  12. In the middle of the meeting, which shows the personal faults of others, he shows his weaknesses.
  13. The spread of fragrance is the appeal of the wind, but goodness spreads in all directions.
  14. No person should be sincere. Directly tree and person are cut first.

The son should love for five years of birth, then he should punish for ten years, and once he is sixteen, he should make his friend.

Chanakya’s thoughts about success and failure

  1. The person who is skilled in the work should be employed in the same job.
  2. People who work honestly are always happy.
  3. The signs of the work only give signals of success-failure.
  4. Servants working according to the nature of their masters are always successful.
  5. Do not uncover your secrets on anyone. This habit can ruin you.
  6. Once you start a job, do not be afraid of failure or abandon it.
  7. When there is excessive work, then do that task first, which results in more fruit.
  8. Before starting any work, ask yourself three questions – why am I doing this? What can be the consequences? And will I be successful? And if you get a satisfactory answer to these questions when you think seriously, then only go ahead.
  9. We should not be sorry about the ghosts, nor should we be worried about the future. Vivek people always live in the present.

Ideas of Chanakya education

Chanakya Niti: 55 Chanakya Quotes

  1. Education is the best friend.
  2. The knowledge of scripture cannot be lazy.
  3. An educated person knows respect everywhere.
  4. Education defeats beauty and puberty.
  5. For the ignorant, the mirror for books and blind is equally useful.
  6. Learn from the mistakes of others, using your self will reduce your age to learn.
  7. Humans are born very, fortunately, so we should use our maximum time in the study of scriptures, etc.

They are like enemies for their children, who did not give an excellent education to children. Because the illiterate child is insulted in the group of scholars in the same way as if there is a situation of heron in the swarm of a swan.

Thoughts of Chanakya regarding wealth and religion

  1. The world of rich people respects the earth.
  2. After finishing little money, the work is completed by making little effort.
  3. The greed of one’s wealth is the cause of destruction.
  4. The basis of religion is truth and charity.
  5. Religion should be practical. There is much greater behavior than belief.

God does not sit in character in the picture, make your soul a temple.

Chanakya thoughts about friendship

  1. Never trust a deceptive friend
  2. Superstition is not well on good friends too. Because if such people are angry with you, then they will open up all your secret.
  3. There is no selfishness behind every friendship. There is no such friendship which is not selfish.
  4. The person who is friendly with the evil character, harmless and harmless to others, and who lives in a dirty place, will soon be destroyed.
  5. The friend who talks smoothly in front of you and spoils your work behind the back, it is good to give up.
Chanakya Niti: 55 Chanakya Quotes
Chanakya ideas about women
  1. The mind of women is momentarily stable. Do not laziness in observing a woman.
  2. The woman is big without iron. Getting salvation from a woman’s bondage is very rare.
  3. There is no other gem than woman gem.
  4. Wife living in the husband’s favor is friendly only.
  5. The woman also insults the impotent person.
Chanakya Niti: 55 Chanakya Quotes
Thoughts of Chanakya related to attachment
  1. Excessive attachment produces defects.
  2. A person who is obsessed with a woman does not get heaven, nor a religion.
  3. Men become old by more coping, and women get old after getting no sexual intercourse at the right time.
  4. Rajdasi should never have physical relations.
  5. Accepting your maid is to make yourself a slave.
  6. There should not be a marriage relationship between low and noble people.
  7. Do not sow seeds in the overcrowded farm. That is, do not interfere with a foreign woman.
  8. Puberty is also painful as stupidity because, in the youth, one can act silly in the impulse of libido.

These were some great ideas of Chanakya.
Whom I have tried to tell you through this article.
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