Amazing facts: 40 Amazing facts learn in English
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Amazing facts: 40 Amazing facts learn in English

Amazing facts: 40 Amazing facts learn English

Amazing facts: 40 Amazing facts learn in English

In this post, we are going to share some of the Amazing facts with you, which will surprise you.
I am sure that you have never read these facts before. Let’s go to the side of your post.

Amazing facts: 40 Amazing facts learn in English

Let’s know about these 40 Amazing facts.

1. Do you know that around 1000 species of mango are found in the whole world?

2. More than 800 varieties of roses have been developed in the world.

3. 6 or more potatoes can be produced from a potato.

4. A simple tree fulfills the amount of oxygen consumed by five people every day.

5. A lay left around 1000 kg of carbon dioxide in its entire life.

6. A Tree yearly 2000 liters of water is sucked out of the earth.

7. About 20% of trees in China are used to make medicines.

8. Banana trees can grow up to 20 feet.

9. 20000 species of trees are found worldwide, most species are found in India and America.

10. Trees never die due to their age; trees always die due to their illness, insects or humans.

11. A fully grown tree helps to clean the environment more than 70x more than a newly planted plant.

12. To save a one-acre tree, we have to recycle 1-tonne paper.

13. Our brain is so big that it can keep 10000 Smells inside and recognize them.

14. The most massive gland lever in the human body is the liver.

15. The human body is found to be 206 bones, while in the shape of the children, there are 330 births, which becomes very much attached to each other when grown.

16. The most massive bone of our body is from the thigh.

17. The brain sends the messages to different parts of the body with a speed of 240 hours per hour.

18. It takes about 7 minutes for almost every human being to sleep.

19. People who work at night, have more weight than people working in the daytime.

20. 70% of people start drinking with water on their head.

Amazing facts: 40 Amazing facts learn in English

21. A man eats about 27,000 kilograms of food in his lifetime, which is equal to the weight of 6 elephants.

22. One of the two million dead people is killed by falling from the bed.

23. We spend a year in search of things around.

24. Every person drinks about 60,500 liters of water in his lifetime.

25. Human teeth are as tight as rocks.

26. Most women like to have sex in the dark.

27. While shopping, we can not keep our eyes open.

28. The speed of the heart stops for a millisecond while sneezing. Your ribs may break if you drop out loud.

29. The heart of man throws at least 100,000 times at a time.

30. Fingers of nails grow four times faster than feet of pins.

31. It takes 4 hours to boil the ostrich egg.

32. There are 8650 species of birds found in the whole world, out of which 1230 species are found in India.

Amazing facts: 40 Amazing facts learn in English

33. As many parrots get caught in the cage, 90% of parrots are sent to the US.

34. Owl’s teeth are not there.

35. The weight and size of the male owl are less than the importance and scope of the female owl.

36. Humming ward is a bird that can fly backward too.

37. Duck does not feel cold even while floating in the cold water.

38. As the chickens grow older, they also produce their eggs.

39. Most of the birds in New Zealand are blind.

40. Approximately 320 species of parrots are found.

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