9 September gk: on this day history 

9 september gk: on this day history in english

 9 September gk: on this day history in English

9 September gk: on this day history 

Friends, today we know about important events of 9th September, as well as know about birth and death on 9th September, i.e., today.

9 September gk: on this day history 

Information about today’s birth

1-Great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy was born in 1828.

2-The famous Hindi writer and playwright Bharatendu Harishchandra was born in 1850.

3-Oriya language famous litterateur and linguist Gopal Chandra Pradhan was born in 1874.

4-Indian philosopher Hussein Sha was born in 1905.

5-Mahbub Khan, the leading producer, and director of Indian cinema history was born in 1907.

6-The famous Hindi film actress Leela Chitnis was born on 1909.

7-Nobel laureate German physicist Hans Georg DeHmelt was born in 1922.

8-The famous composer Kanti Kumar Jain was born in 1932.

9-The famous litterateur Mani Madhukar was born on 1942.

10-Bollywood legendary actor Akshay Kumar was born in 1967.

Information about those people who died today

1-The renowned Kalamarmman and Chintak Anand Kumar Swamy of India died in 1947.

2- legendary Indian novelist, story writer, essayist, playwright, revolutionary, journalist Ramvriksha Benipuri passed away in 1968.

The leader of the 3-Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah died in 1982.

4-The famous industrialist and father of the White Revolution Kurien died in 2012.

9 September gk: on this day history 

Important events today

1-King Philip IV of France made Pope Boniface VIII hostage in the city of Anagni in 1303.

In the Battle of the 2-Tumu Fort, Mongolian forces hosted the monarch of China in 1449.

3-Michael Angelo Dáraara, the statue of David, was displayed in front of the people in 1504.

4-UK Lichfield City was founded in 1553.

5-US Congressional Congress officially changed the name of the country from ‘United Colony’ to the United States in 1776.

6-California became the 31st state of America in 1850.

7-European country Luxemburg achieved independence in 1867.

The 8-US capital was renamed Washington in 1791 after President George Washington.

9-Name of the United States Capital of Washington D.C. In 1791, this day was named after President George Washington.

10-California became the 31st state of America in 1850.

11-European country Luxemburg achieved independence in 1867.

12-Arvil Wright flew for the first time in 1908 for an hour.

13-Conflicts between the famous Indian revolutionary Jatindranath Sanyal and the British in 1915 in Kawada.

14-Aligarh was converted into the Anglo-Oriental College of Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.

15-Turkish forces entered Izmir after chasing the Greek army in 1922.

16-Turkish Chief Atatürk founded CHP in 1923.

9 September gk: on this day history 

17-Honeepape massacre in Kauai Hawaii in 1924

18-In Belgium, 8 hours working day in 1924

19-Kohat riots in 1924 in India

20-The death of national hero Yuma of Myanmar was a day of hunger strike against Britain’s colonial government in prison in 1939, on the same day.

21-Nazi army reached Warsaw on September 9, 1939, the capital of Poland.

22-George Stibitz started the computer’s first remote operation in 1940.

23-George Stibitz started the computer’s first remote operation in 1940.

24-European country Bulgaria was liberated from Nazi control on September 9, 1944.

25-The first computer bug was discovered in 1945.

26-Republic of Korea was established in 1948.

27-The Constituent Assembly of India accepted Hindi in 1949 as an official language.

28-European countries In France, the Communists were arrested on a large scale in the 1950’s.

In the 29-African country Algeria, in 1954, 1400 people die from the earthquake.

30-Tibet became China’s autonomous region in 1965.

31-Uganda freed from Britain in 1967.

31-American tennis player Arthur Ashe became the first black player to win the US Open in 1968.

9 September gk: on this day history 

32-In the name of U.S. President George Washington, the name of America’s capital was named Washington DC in 1971.

33-Mao Tse Tung’s famine and Kuo Feng became president in 1976.

34-Jogendra Nath Hazarika assumed the post of Chief Minister in 1979.

35-Tajikistan achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

36-American lawyer Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski on the Independent Lawyer Kenneth Star transmitted his great rath to the Congress in 1998.

37-Mahesh Bhupathi of India and pair of Japan’s Arch Sugiyama won the mixed doubles title of American Open in 1999.

38-Venus Williams defeated little sister Serena in the Grand Slam final in 2001.

The 39-Pete Sampras won the US Open Tennis title in 2002 by defeating Andre Agassi.

40-Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Query resigned from his post in 2004.

41-China unveiled the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in 2005 at Chaoyang Park, located in Beijing.

42-In view of international pressure, Israel’s naval expedition was completed in eight weeks in 2006, in 2006.

Spacecraft Atlantis flew to space in 2006 from the 43-U.S. state of the Cape Conventional Space Center in Florida.

44-Best Actor Award for Best Actor in a Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt in 2007 and Cate Blanchett Award for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival.

In the year 2008, it was announced that the ‘Sahitya Mahopadhyay’ ornamentation was given in the year 2008 by Dr. Arjun Das Kesri, a reputed architect, and philanthropist of Hindi literature.

9 September gk: on this day history 

46-Supreme Court in 2008, CBI Has allowed two judges of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Nirmal Yadav and Nirmal Vijay Kaur to question the Rs 15 lakhs in the rubbish.

47-Railway Ministry announced the introduction of a biometric identification system for its employees on the lines of the Home Ministry in 2009.

48-The archaeologists have discovered a relic in 2011.

This is the oldest ancestor of humans, which was found on Earth about two million years ago.

It resembles a monkey, and its name is ‘Australopithecus sidebar’.

49-In Iraq, more than 100 people died in the bomb attack, 350 others injured.

50-Today, the Indian Space Agency established the largest foreign satellite in the class in 2012.

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