28 October historical events

28 October historical events in English

28 October historical events in English

28 October historical events

Friends, today we know about important events of 28’th October, as well as know about birth and death on 28’th October, i.e., today.

Information about today’s birth

1 – Maurice Garnier Hallet, who was the Home Secretary in the Government of India, was born in 1883.

2 – Microsoft founder Bill Gates was born in 1955.

3 – Urjit Patel, the 24th Governor of Reserve Bank of India, was born in 1963.

4 – Famous songwriter of Indian Hindi films and Shayer Anjan, a well-known poet of his time, was born in 1930.

5 – Famous lawmaker, education lover, composer, and Bengali language poet and musician Atul Prasad Sen was born in 1871

6 – Vivekananda’s associate and teacher and social worker Sister Nivedita were born in 1867.

28 October historical events in English

Information about those people who died today

1 – The famous German Sanskrit writer, orientalist, writer, and philologist Max Müller died in 1900.

2 – Shrilal Shukla, a noted writer of satirical writing, died in 2011.

3 – Popular novelist Rajendra Yadav died in 2013.

28 October historical events in English

Important events today

1 – 1886 – The then President of America, Grover Cleveland, formally unveiled the ‘Staunch of the Liberty’ gift from France as a symbol of friendship.

2 – 1891 – 7,300 people die in Japan earthquake.

3 – 1918 – After the separation of Austria and Hungary, Czechoslovakia became independent.

4 – 1954 – Ernest Hemingway received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

5 – 1955 – Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed the Treaty Treaty.

6 – 1998 – Interpol’s 67th AGM concludes with cutting-edge technology, a new strategy to deal with terrorism and other modern organized crimes.

7 – 2001 – German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder came to India, Special envoy Yoshito Mori of Japan’s Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi came to India.

8 – 2004 – 4000-year-old tombs are found in Beijing. EU talks with Iraq on nuclear issues fail.

28 October historical events in English

9 – 2009 – 117 killed, 213 injured in Pakistan bomb blast in Peshawar

10 – 2012 – A violation of ceasefire in Syria, 128 people have been killed.

11 – Germany’s Sebastian Vettel won the 2012 Formula One Indian Grand Prix title.

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