2 November historical events English

2 November historical events English

2 November historical events English

2 November historical events English

Friends, today we know about important events of 2’th November , as well as know about birth and death on 2’th November , i.e., today.

Information about today’s birth

1 – Fourth Guru Ramdas was born in 1534.

2- Mahindralal government, which promoted social reformer and homeopath, was born in 1833.

3 – The spiritual leader of the Shiites, Ismaili’s opinion, Aghaah, was born in 1877.

4 – Assam freedom fighter and politician Basant Kumar Das was born in 1883.

5 – Famous Indian actor and film producer-director Sohrab Modi was born in 1897.

6 – Famous Indian character actor Ram Mohan was born in 1929.

7 – Litterateur Mamta Kalia was born in 1940.

8 – Arun Shourie, a journalist, intellectual, well-known writer, and politician, who was indescribable in India, was born in 1941.

9 – Hindi film composer Anu Malik was born in 1960.

10 – Hindi film actor Shahrukh Khan was born in 1965.

11 – India’s famous wrestler and wrestling player Yogeshwar Dutt was born in 1982.

2 November historical events English

Information about those people who died today

1 – Famous playwright Anna Saheb Kirloskar, who revolutionized the Marathi theater, passed away in 1885.

2 – Delegation of George Bernard Shaw in the 1950s at the age of 97 years.

3 – American mathematician Shriram Shankar Dahankar died in 2012.

2 November historical events English

Important events today

1 – British officer Commander In Chief of British India Robert Clive committed suicide in England in 1774.

2 – The ship named Atlas reached Mauritius in 1834 for Indian laborers, which is celebrated as immigrant day.

3 – The second Seminole War began in Oslo, Florida in 1835, among various groups of Native Americans of the Americas. This fight is also known as the Battle of the Florida War.

4-Akbar Khan revolted against the Shah Shuja in Afghanistan in 1841, in which he got success.

5 – Franklin Pierce became President of America in 1852.

6 – Russia declared war against Turkey in 1914

7 – The BBC started television service in 1936. It was the world’s first regular high-speed service. At that time it had 200 lines. It was named BBC One in 1964. Which continues to this day.

8 – The largest and heaviest airplane in the world called Hercules, whose feather length was 390 feet 11 inches, took its only flight in 1947. Its driver’s producer and owner was Habard Hughes.

2 November historical events English

9 – In Egypt, in 1951 about six thousand British soldiers arrived to overcome the demonstrations against Britain.

10 – For the first time in 1984, a woman, Welma Barfield, was sentenced to death in the US in 1962.

11 – David Jacobson, a US citizen who was mortgaged through fundamentalists in Beirut, was released in 1986.

12 – Attacked by unidentified people in the United Nations and American centers in Islamabad in 1999 in Islamabad’s capital Islamabad.

13 – Agreement on formulas to prevent violence in West Asia in 2000.

14 – America’s decision in 2001 to increase the number of Special Forces in Afghanistan

15 – Mufti Mohammad Sayeed assumed the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir in 2002.

16 – 20 dead in the ethnic conflict in 2004 in Henan, China.

17 – Ghulam Nabi Azad assumed the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir in 2005.

2 November historical events English

18 – After recovering the poor solar wings at the International Space Station, the passengers returned safely to Discovery 2007.

19 – The Central Government has removed the facility of withdrawing money from the pension fund after retirement in 2008.

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