10 September gk

10 september gk: on this day history in english

10 September gk: on this day history in English

10 September gk: on this day history 

Friends, today we know about important events of 10th September, as well as know about birth and death on 10th September, i.e., today.


Information about today’s birth

1- The famous Indian cricketer Ranji was born on 1872.

2- Indian freedom fighter and the first Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Govind Ballabh Pant, was born in 1887.

3- Rashtraman Prasad Singh, one of the modern technicians of Hindi, was born in 1890.

4- Nationalist, Hindi Sevi and Aryamsaji Bhavani Dayal Sanyasi were born in 1892.

5- The famous Telugu literary Vishwanath Satyanarayana was born in 1895.

6. After the death of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the acting President of India B. D. Jatte was born in 1912.

7. Modern Hindi legend: Chitra Mudgal, a well-known and respected writer of literature, was born in 1944.

8- India’s renowned film director Anurag Kashyap was born in 1972.

10 September gk

Information about those people who died today

1- Indian revolutionary Jatindranath Mukherjee died on 1915

2- The famous Bengali novelist Sukumar Rai died in 1923.

3- Conqueror Indian Param Vir Chakra honoured Hoshiar Singh Dahiya died in 1965.

10 September gk: on this day history 

Important events today

1- Prussia signed a Trade Agreement with America in 1785.

2- Simon Bolivar became the President of Peru in 1823.

3- Elias Howe patented the sewing machine in 1846.

4- The first theatre opened in Hawaii Island in 1847

5- The war of Marne ended between France and Germany in 1914.

6- Germany was subscribed to the League of Nations in 1926.

7- Today on 10th September 1935, the Doon School was established by Satish Ranjan Das, one of the well known private/independent schools of India.

10 September gk

8- Canada declared war in 1939 against Germany in World War II.

9- The German army captured Rome on September 10, 1943, and took over the protection of the Vatican City.

10- Britain launched Iran’s economic offensive on September 10, 1951.

11- The Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test on November 10, 1961, in the Novaયા Jemalia region.

12- Parliament approved the formation of Punjab and Haryana in 1966.

13-The bomb blasts in Central London in 1973.

14- African country Guinea achieved independence from Portugal in 1974.

15- Indian Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft hijacked in Lahore in 1976

10 September gk: on this day history 

16- In the United Nations General Assembly, approved by 158 votes against the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 3 in 1996, the three countries including India, opposed the treaty.

17-Yevgeny Primakov was nominated as the new Prime Minister of Russia in 1998, South Korea and Australia agree to coordinate efforts towards nuclear non-proliferation.

18-European country Switzerland became a member of the United Nations in 2002.

19- The fifth Ministerial Meeting of the WTO is beginning in 2003 at Cancun.

Between the 20-dramatic developments, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was exiled to Jeddah after returning home in 2007.

21- The largest scientific experiment in the Large Hadron Collider of the CERN Laboratory of Switzerland began in 2008.

10 September gk: on this day history 

22- The Supreme Court cancelled the bail of Ansal brothers convicted in the 2008 Gift Fire Case.

23- Jet Airways management and its pilots agreed on the comprehensive agreement in 2009.

24-US-India Strategic Cooperation In 2011, for the 21st Century, it is essential and inevitable that US President Barack Obama has said that there is a deep and broad connection between the two countries, whose aim is to establish peace and prosperity in Asia and the world.

25- 2013 serial bomb blasts in Iraq kill 16 people

26- 90 thousand people are homeless due to floods and landslides in 2015 in Northeast Japan.

27- Mariyappan Thangavelu won a gold medal in the Rio Para Olympics and Varun Bhati bronze medal in 2016.

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